Silverbean Cafe

Recently, a friend and i headed to Newtown on a lazy sunday afternoon and found ourselves at Silverbean Cafe, just across the road from the Enmore theatre. Since neither of us had eaten there before, and we were half-starved, Silverbean looked like the perfect place to chill out and grab a bite to eat. And boy were we right.


If you’re a fan of quirk and old-time feel, Silverbean is THE place to be. The decor was very much to my taste, by which i mean vintage-inspired, and the service was beyond awesome. We sat down, at our table and a server, who, from the looks of their website, appears to be one of the owners (!!), brought over some menus and some much needed chilled water.


Sewing machine table legs (!)


Our S+P containers

We perused the menu, and were pleasantly surprised by the prices, which were more than reasonable for Newtown, given its location, the ambiance of the place, and i could go on. I decided to order the Breakfast Burrito – Chicken, black beans and cheese. When the order arrived, i was flabbergasted at the amount of food i had been given for my $12 meal. It was beautiful.


Breakfast Burrito: Chicken, black beans and cheese – $12!

The burrito was gigantic, but so delicious, that even i managed to finish it off, and i’ve NEVER enjoyed eating a side serving of salad that much. The spinach, rocket, mustard seed and other greens were fresh and crisp and the pear just gave it that little somethin’ somethin’, and i’m not even a fan of pears!

The burrito was tasty and surprisingly easy to eat. I managed to keep my dignity and not spill anything on my clothes, and the chicken, black bean and cheese was a tasty, tasty combination. They were all well cooked, and the wrap was grilled to perfection. I mean, look at that golden exterior.

The sour cream was also a clear winner and i genuinely have not been this pleasantly surprised about a dish, ever. The salad and sour cream complemented my burrito perfectly, and i had a pretty spectacular brunch.

I have recommended this restaurant to pretty much everyone i know, as i know they will not be disappointed. Service was amazingly friendly, it was incredible value for money, the place was chilled and classy and the offerings were super super tasty.

I will definitely be making my way back to good ‘ole Silverbean as soon as the chance arises.


Address: 99, Enmore Rd, Newtown

Opening hours: Tues – Sunday 7am – 4pm

Telephone: 95570006

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