Last Friday night, my friend and I headed to the city for a night out, but as we ended up being unfashionably early we decided to kill some time at the Darling Harbour Mövenpick boutique. Originating from Switzerland, Mövenpick lays claim to knowing “The Art of Swiss Icecream” and i have to say, quality-wise, they’re not far wrong.

I had tried Mövenpick previously, and i’m not sure if it’s just the flavours i choose, but i find their icecream to be exceptionally rich and creamy. Though that description screams quality, i’m personally a huge fan of lighter, less creamy icecreams. (which enable me to eat more, but feel less full :D)

This night we opted to get a double scoop of icecream in a cup – $6.95 was the going price, as we weren’t hungry enough for a $4.95 single scoop waffle cone/cup option.

Choosing a flavour each, Maple and Walnut being hers and Coconut and Swiss Chocolate being mine, we watched the fireworks light up Darling Harbour as we chowed down on icecream-y goodness.

As expected, both icecreams were really rich and creamy, and the Maple & Walnut was just a little too sweet for my liking. When you can smell the maple syrup in the icecream, that’s a pretty good indication that it’s going to be rather sweet! I was a bit fan of the Coconut & Swiss Chocolate as it was a little lighter, and just generally tasty, with pieces of dessicated coconut scattered within. I spent the rest of my time avoiding the Maple & Walnut and stealing large bites of the Coconut & Swiss Chocolate. 😀



Double scoop cup: Maple & Walnut and Coconut & Swiss Chocolate – $6.95

Overall, for the price you pay, i would much rather have something lighter and more eclectic, as the rich and creamy consistency isn’t something that i’m personally a fan of. The waffle piece was delicious however, and despite enjoying the Coconut and Swiss Chocolate scoop, i would be more inclined to try their fruitier options than head for their creamy classic versions on another visit.

Address: 10 Darling Drive Shop K17, NSW 2000, Darling Harbour

Telephone: 92815775

Mövenpick Ice Cream on Urbanspoon


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