Yama Japanese

Some friends and i were out for dinner after watching Looper at George St Cinemas (worth a watch btw, awesome movie!), and decided to pop into Yama in the QVB after finding that the Noodle Markets at Hyde Park were closed. And to our (and our growling stomach’s) surprise, Yama was open! Since only one server was on that evening, we were told to be seated in the balcony area, which suited us just fine, as the view of the QVB was uncomplainable about.


I ordered the California Don ($19.90) and split a pot of “Black Cream” – black tea with vanilla and caramel (!!!) with my friends for $4.20 + an additional 50 cents per tea cup.


California Don – $19.90


Black Cream – $4.20

To be perfectly honest, i’m not the biggest fan of seafood, so i couldn’t really understand why i felt so compelled to try out a sashimi’d seafood dish, as opposed to Chicken Karaage or something of the like. But it did. not. disappoint.

I actually managed to demolish about 75% of the massive serving of sashimi, salad, sushi rice and tamagoyaki that made up the dish. The black tea was amazingly nice too, like a lighter English Breakfast with soft tones of caramelly-vanilla, i have to admit i perused the T2 tea website as soon as i got home to check if they had something similar, but to no avail!

I felt so inspired while writing this review, that i actually made a sneaky trek back to Yama to sample some more of their tasty black teas! This time i decided on Stockholm Blend – black tea with orange peel, safflowers, calendula blossoms, rose petals, vanilla and apricot.


Stockholm Blend – $4.20


The blend was rather nice, and definitely apricot-y. I couldn’t really get much of the safflowers or calendula blossoms, mostly because i have no idea what they are, but i could taste the subtle notes of all the others. The server seemed quite perplexed when i asked her for some milk, but hey, i figure that it was black tea, and i was going to drink it with milk dang it! Though the milk drowned out most of the subtle fruity, floral aroma of the mix, it definitely didn’t make it taste any worse. I personally preferred it that way!

In conclusion, Yama Japanese was an amazing dining experience, with a beautiful inner city location, friendly staff, beautiful presentation, generous portions and reasonable prices. I would definitely revisit, if not for the food, for a simple cup of tasty tea.

Opening hours: Mon, Tues, Weds, 9.30am – 7pm, Thurs, Fri 9.30am -9pm, Sat, Sun 9.30am – 7pm

Address: Shop 2, Level Two,QVB

Telephone: 9269 0080

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