Recently, it seems like there has been an influx of frozen yoghurt stores opening around my area, and i for one am NOT complaining. I would even be so daring as to say that i loved froyo more than ice cream, and for those who know me, that’s a pretty big statement to make.

Three different stores have opened in areas that i frequent, a Wowcow, a Praus and a Yogurberry. Wowcow is the only one of the three that doesn’t charge you based on the weight of your frozen yoghurt, but i have to say, it’s pretty pricey, charging $1 per topping choice above your $7 for a medium sized froyo.


My favourite is definitely Yogurberry, and since the 2-3 weeks i’ve known of its existence, i’ve gone there over 10 times. It is delicious, and i’m a huge fan of their Taro frozen yoghurt and i love the fact that they have 6 varieties of froyo to choose from!


Left to right: Strawberry, Taro, Plain, Mango, Blueberry, Passionfruit

What i love about frozen yoghurt stores or chains that charge by weight is that you’re allowed to pour on as little, or as much as you want of a particular topping, and there’s no limit to the combinations you could make.


Since i am pretty much still on a student budget, i tend to try to take as little toppings as possible, as i love the taste of naked froyo! However, when i saw that Yogurberry were offering Macadamia and White Chocolate Cookie, i had to grab a scoopful and they, were, DELICIOUS. Coupled with the Chocolate Brownie pieces that they had (which are a bit of a hit and miss i find), and Slivered Almonds, i was veritably in foodie heaven.


The staff are great too, helpful and perpetually cheery.


20, Railway Pde, Eastwood

Shop 23, 445 Victoria Ave, Chatswood

Shop 9K7, World Square Shopping Centre, 644 George St, Sydney

Yogurberry Strathfield on Urbanspoon


2 thoughts on “Yogurberry

  1. Yumm! I haven’t been able to try any type of froyo yet, but have been hearing a ton of good things about it! Your post makes me want to try it even more. Might have to make a special trip. 🙂
    By the way, totally love your blog’s layout! Super cool! 🙂

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